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I'm not very good at estimates

2012-02-29 12:38:27 by Yusuf

I have a new animation out! You can go watch "Pay Attention To Avoid Detention" right here, right now.


In other news, I'm working on a remake of an old animation, like I said previously, but I can't say for certain when it will be completed. After all, I thought this would take 2 weeks when it took half that, so if you want updates or whatever, you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook, although I update my Twitter more often.

So yeah, stay tuned I guess!

The awesome voice actor has done all the lines so I will probably have this done, dusted and released within two weeks. The old video remake is on hold for now, but only while I work on this. Then it's full speed ahead!

Stay tuned!

More new stuff soon

2012-02-15 08:45:57 by Yusuf

Well, with Your Burrito is Broken out of the way, I feel like I should go straight on to my school project. However, the voice actor is still doing his stuff, so I feel a little empty now. With no fresh ideas in my head, I've decided to re-do one of my old videos. Stay tuned.

New video: Best Burrito Ever

2012-02-14 17:24:58 by Yusuf

Out now. P.S. Are you meant to be able to see the scores during judgement?

EDIT: O I C, only the author can see them. I like it!

New video: Best Burrito Ever

Working on a bunch of new projects

2012-02-14 07:16:53 by Yusuf

Well not a bunch. Just two.

One you should see in in a couple of days, the other I have just started, and will probably be completed within a month, even though it's only gonna be one minute long. WE'VE BEEN THROUGH THIS, I'M LAAAZZZZYY.


EDIT: Are you serious? still no .pngs? NG, Y U SO RESTRICTIVE.

Working on a bunch of new projects

Redesign is epic. But you already know that.

2012-02-08 12:09:28 by Yusuf

So many emoticons to choose from, also!


EDIT: All the scoreboards on my games are finally working again, so that's cool. I'm not gonna go into why they stopped in the first place, it's pretty embarrassing.

Procrastination's my middle name

2012-02-04 07:14:07 by Yusuf

I think you can see where this is going, but if it's not clear yet:

that animation isn't coming out for probably another 2 and a half weeks. LOLZ SORRY!!!!!

My Wacom Intuos4 came today at ten to twelve, despite delivery estimated for tomorrow. Awesome!

New video in probably a month.

Buy my old tablet!

2012-01-02 13:16:47 by Yusuf

I'm getting an Intuos4 S so If you want to buy my old one, then please do so: Wacom Bamboo One Graphics Tablet . I am seller Parveen Iqbal (my mum's name). I mean, for under £40 you can't go wrong, right? Oh yeah, it's in GBP, not USD, just to note.

EDIT: It's been sold guys, so ignore this!

Old tablet not compatible with Windows 7...

2011-12-28 17:18:40 by Yusuf

So I'm getting an Intuos4 S! It's going to set me back about £150, and even that's a price cut from £200, but it's looking to be worth it! The active area is about the same size as my old one but 16:9 and is much more pressure sensitive and has tilt sensitivity as well! When I get it I will be learning Photoshop CS5.5 as well as other Adobe programs. (I downloaded the whole Master Collection). I think means of how I obtained the software is obvious...

So yeah, stay tuned!

EDIT: It's been dispatched! So excited!

MOAR EDIT: If you want to buy my old one, then please do so: Wacom Bamboo One Graphics Tablet . I am seller Parveen Iqbal (my mum's name)