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Hello Newgrounds! I have not forgotten about you, I never could. I check back in here fairly regularly. I have a NG tank pin on my jacket that I wear all the time! Kinda sad they closed the general forum, although I do get it.

I did forget or choose not to make a yearly post the past couple years mostly because I didn’t have much going on besides working at a burger shop. However earlier this year I finally got a job working as an animator on a TV show! I’m not allowed to say what show it is but yeah it’s pretty great. Learning ToonBoom Harmony on the job, not at all as daunting as I thought it would be. It’s honestly fun animating with rigs and barely having to draw anything lol, deformers are epic. Things are going well!

Thank you Newgrounds for existing and being an integral part in my journey as an animator. It was the 15th anniversary of making my NG account yesterday, I was actually intending to make this post yesterday but it slipped my mind lol. And my 25th birthday was on Tuesday. Passage of time is wild, I miss 2009 internet in general. Man. Either way I love this place forever.

I actually wish I had more stuff to upload here over the years, I always had ideas of stuff I wanted to make but I never really finished anything after 2014 lol, maybe just school got too busy and/or I lost the drive to finish full cartoons. I have some stuff from uni but it’s kinda rushed and/or unfinished, like it’s kinda whatever.

There’s also this podcast animation I started in like end of 2016, I last worked on it in like summer 2017 because one of the two people on the podcast got exposed for creeping on women so that put my animation in an awkward spot lol. I think I had animated like 3 minutes of it, and there was like 1-2 minutes left. Maybe one day I’ll just finish it for the sake of it, I doubt it though. Or I’ll just post the part I already made.

I do want to make new stuff too, mostly podcast animations (I listen to a bunch of crap) but honestly I’m so sleepy when I get home from work so not sure if that’ll happen anytime soon hahaha. Even the weekends, today was a Saturday and I spent most of it in or on my bed.

Anyway I’m just rambling now. Love you Newgrounds byeee


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