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# Believe me I am still alive #

2011-12-18 10:19:52 by Yusuf

I'm moving drawings and I'm still alive!

Expect something in the next few weeks, I guess.

So on my new animation, I got sixth place! Awesome! Thanks you guys!

I know it's not a proper award but still, I was quite close! Thanks again you guys!

Your iPhone is Broken

Be honest and serious.

2011-05-04 17:27:43 by Yusuf

Do you see potential in my work?

Be honest and serious and non-abusive in your answers please.

Also what do you think of this frame-by-frame explosion animation I did recently:
My best FBF evah

Hey guys!

2011-04-27 11:55:04 by Yusuf

It's Mii!

Hey guys!

It's my birthday!

2011-04-23 11:46:21 by Yusuf

It's my birthday! ^.^
I'm 12 today! :D
I got £240 and a black 3DS with Pilotwings Resort and nintendogs + cats: golden retriever version. And tomorrow I'm going to go out and buy Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Flingsmash! :D :D :D


Block, Backfire, Power-up, Attack!

2011-04-18 04:42:04 by Yusuf

Click here to play our NG GAME JAM game, Block, Backfire, Power-up, Attack!


2011-03-08 15:55:05 by Yusuf


Hey Guys, It's Munch Time!

2011-02-27 15:45:42 by Yusuf

Hey Guys, It's Munch Time!

Made some new art

2011-02-22 09:06:08 by Yusuf

Deep in Thought.