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New toon... ugh

2013-04-06 14:50:44 by Yusuf

So I made a new animation for the Animation13 Competition. I started it about a week before its deadline, hence why it seems so rushed at times. I can't say I'm particularly pleased with it, and in a bad mood I might evn go as far as to say that I hate it. But, after about two weeks of putting it off, I decided to upload it on NG and YT today. So, here you go.

Edit: Here's a YouTube embed if you want it.


2012-11-24 15:08:52 by Yusuf

...d my user icon. That's pretty much it.

I'll try to make something soon I swear :(

It's pretty sweet, one of the best things though is that it can run games well, which my computer hasn't been able to do since December. I got the one with an i5 proccessor and 1920 x 1080 screen, and recent games can run at fullscreen with settings maxed out.

Anyway, enough showing off. Here's my Steam so you can see how much I rule at Portal 2 and how much I suck at Team Fortress 2.

In animation news: I haven't done shit. OH WELL!!!


2012-06-03 05:44:30 by Yusuf

1. Watch my latest movie if you haven't already

2. Currently writing a Halloween movie, starting now because A) It's probably going to take some time to animate and B) I'm extremely lazy and the only way I can finish is if I start now

3. Dick Figures is getting a movie, go fund that awesomeness

That is all! So to finish off, here is a picture which displays how stupid some people are:


New animation and Halloween

2012-05-13 16:11:02 by Yusuf

An advert commissioned by a friend. Took 12 hours. It's nothing special, it's just going to be featured on his website.

Watch it here!

Onto my next project: a Halloween animation! I've started writing it, and from what I've envisioned in my head it could be quite long, which is why I'm starting now.

Stay tuned!

My birthday today (23rd)

2012-04-23 17:38:49 by Yusuf


... okay now what?


New animation!

2012-04-10 17:22:47 by Yusuf

Click here!


2012-04-03 02:33:13 by Yusuf


Thank you Edd Gould

2012-03-31 18:23:07 by Yusuf

A personal thank you to Edd Gould.

Rest in peace buddy.

Keep in mind though, that I still have something else to come out in the next 2-3 weeks ;)

RIP Edd Gould, 1988 - 2012

2012-03-28 13:17:18 by Yusuf

You were the person who inspired me to get into animation in the first place, and I wouldn't even know about this site if it wasn't for you. Rest in peace dude.

In lighter news, I may have something finished and released with the next 2-3 weeks.