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Target Shooting XTRA!

2011-02-02 12:20:52 by Yusuf

You can play Target Shooting XTRA here!


2011-01-30 09:53:58 by Yusuf

You can watch it here.

Also, I made a few new art submissions. Scout me plz lol

NG Login Warning for AS2!

2011-01-22 08:05:06 by Yusuf

If you have a game with medals with as2, are you annoyed that there is no login warning like in as3? well look no further!

ng login warning

just place this on the top layer of your game and have it spanning all frames, and it will notify someone if they are logged in or not.

wanna see it working?

just wanted to give everyone this resource... just in case you wanna use it...


2011-01-17 02:49:15 by Yusuf

30 dollahs!


I Got No Money!

2011-01-12 12:32:41 by Yusuf


20 dollahs!

2011-01-05 19:38:28 by Yusuf


EDIT: I think it might be a few dollars more than that, the flash earnings viewer seems to update late. For this month on my account page it says $4.28 but on the flash money viewer for this month it says $2.92. hmmmmmmmmm

MOAR EDIT: Actually, never mind. The earnings viewer is screwed up, that's all I know :P

20 dollahs!

Game Jam game finished!

2010-12-30 19:22:26 by Yusuf

Click here to play Team Caribou's game, Icy Cave of Frustration, it's awesome!

EDIT: Happy New Year! In England, anyway. You guys are like 5 hours behind us.

EDIT: Yay! We got FP'ed!

EDIT: Oooo! Underdog of the Week! My first award! Yay! :D


2010-12-28 17:56:46 by Yusuf

It's awesome, I got paired with tomdeaap, who's pretty experienced, and FrozenFire and mahons. Our game is already shaping up.

It's gonna be awesome :D

Hows your team and your game?

Carol of the Trolls!

2010-12-25 08:06:31 by Yusuf

EDIT: Added two moar medalz >:3

Merry Christmas!

Oh, and yes, it has medals. Oh yes... (4 of them, by the way)

P.S. Please recommend for the Christmas 2010 collection!

Just signed up for the NG Game Jam as an artist

2010-12-15 17:10:07 by Yusuf

Just signed up for the NG Game Jam as an artist...

Sure hope I end up with someone who's time zone is of convience. (In other words, I wouldn't like to end up with someone who's time zone is 12 hours different from mine :P)