New toon in March sometime

2013-12-11 15:26:44 by Yusuf

There's a possibility that I'll fart it out sooner, but with GCSEs and crap like that I barely have any time. Also, one of my GCSEs is Art so when I say I don't have time, I literally mean that out of the 16+ hours I'm awake during weekdays, the majority of this is school work and the rest is dicking around and playing Animal Crossing, watching crap etc etc. With holidays on the rise, I hope to pick up the pace a bit but don't expect much!

- Yusuf


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2013-12-12 16:16:58

Shit dude, it's been so long. I thought you were dead =S

Yusuf responds:

I guess that I kind of lost my drive. Animation is still a passion of mine and one that I wish to pursue as a career, but as soon as I start work on an animation (whatever it may be, however much I might plan it) I panic! I literally think of all the possible ways that it could go wrong. Lately that's gone away a bit because I have definitely gotten better at drawing (expressions, posing, generally) but my ideas have gotten more ambitious than I can handle in terms of spare time

TL; DR; maybe I will have made a new animation in a week...? Don't quote me on that :P