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When I'm not screwing around I'm drawing/animating. I use a Wacom Cintiq13HD and Adobe Flash CS6. I started in 2007 using MS Paint and WMM, before moving onto Serif Drawplus and finally Adobe Flash in 2009. I hope to animate professionally when I'm older.

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so it's been a while since I bothered makin one of these!

Posted by Yusuf - March 3rd, 2017

yea i dunno, my last post was two years ago and I was like "big fuckin plans!!" and then nothing happened lmao.

I have been animating however! Just not proper full cartoons, mostly just practicing techniques and shit.

Hopefully I'll actually do something this year, maybe even this month if I'm lucky!!

So yeah. I'm animating an excerpt from the CoolGames Inc podcast, which is a load of fun and I recommend checking that out, as well as all of the other things that Nick and Griifin get up to at Polygon.com.

This animation probably won't be done just this month however, as I will have to put it on the backburner until the end of this month to keep up with various other boring assignments.

You can check out a preview I uploaded months ago right here.

I haven't been able to consistently put a lot of time into it, hence that preview being uploaded in November, but I've done around 2 minutes 40 seconds of a full 5 mintues so far, with probably the total working time being a very small fraction of the time that has passed since I started on it. This means that once my schedule clears up, it'll be done kinda soonish after that. I'm gonna put an ETA on that for maybe next month? Don't hold your breath.

School sucks, not much more to say on that front, lol. Been applying to animation courses at universities, probably won't end up going in September and I'll be taking a gap year instead but we'll see. I got offers from all five of my choices so that's neat. Just don't know if I'm gonna get the grades lol.

Here's my new YouTube, since my last one got demonetised a while ago and Google snatched $100 of ad rev from me. Fuck you guys!!! Haha. No but seriously YouTube should crash and burn and all the bitch ass traitor animators who abandoned NG can finally come back here and start uploading again.

Also if you want like spurts of 10 retweets in your timeline every 5 hours, follow me on Twitter @cartoongrump!

That's all I guess, maybe one day I'll bother going through my whole school art portfolio and scanning that shit to upload to the art portal here cos it's some pretty neat stuff, if I may say so myself.

Don't know how to end this post so here's a .gif I found saved to my desktop of a samurai dancing. 



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Hey, man. Long time no talk! :)