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New toon... ugh

2013-04-06 14:50:44 by Yusuf

So I made a new animation for the Animation13 Competition. I started it about a week before its deadline, hence why it seems so rushed at times. I can't say I'm particularly pleased with it, and in a bad mood I might evn go as far as to say that I hate it. But, after about two weeks of putting it off, I decided to upload it on NG and YT today. So, here you go.

Edit: Here's a YouTube embed if you want it.


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2013-04-06 15:37:21

It could've been worse, it could've been no submission at all!

Yusuf responds:

Yeah, that's true...


2013-04-07 23:50:56

Upside down cookies

Yusuf responds:



2013-06-14 02:34:29

It's about time you made something new, you lazy bastard jk.

Yusuf responds:

My brain's idea lobe is dry :(


2013-11-29 17:02:17

Im late here to post

Yusuf responds:

And I'm late here to respond! :)